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01 — I LOVE this stuff!!!

Cherril's Intuitive Readings $80

It is my honor to provide you the most up lifting and information filled readings tailored just for you. I am a quirky, fun person who loves life and wants you to be as happy as possible. When things seem to be going very bad, the messages I deliver are always positive, even the seemingly negative ones. So don't be shy or afraid of what I'm going to say, book your 1000% confidential appointment today!

Cherril, The Steampunk Psychic
02 — Want to stay home?

Zoom readings $80

It is so convenient for us to stay home these days, or maybe you want to have a reading in your car at the park where it is completely private, what about on your lunch break at work...? Wherever you are you can have a private and personal zoom session complete with a recording and seeing the cards just like we are in the same room.

03 — Need training?

learn how to use your natural gifts $100

I really love to help people who want to learn how to use their own natural gifts and abilities to connect with Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones, Animals... well all sentient beings. We can discuss and learn any topic you want to learn about however this session is best for those who want to know how to interpret the "clair" messages clearly. This booking is for a one time session.

Book 1 Hour Learning Appointment Now!
Disclaimer: All readings are given in lighthearted fun and entertainment. If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, please contact your healthcare professional as readers with The Steampunk Psychic are not medical professionals and will not be held liable for any health related issues.